How to View Your Location History on Facebook

Need to see your Facebook area history or prevent Facebook from following your area? Figure out how to see your area history on Facebook and how to stop it.

Do you at any point understand that Facebook’s portable applications are following your area constantly?

In the event that you have Facebook applications like Facebook, Facebook light, Facebook Messenger, or Messenger Lite and so forth introduced on your cell phone then you should realize that it stores a great deal of area history than you can even consider.

All things considered, the Facebook area history information is close to home and no one but you can see it. Be that as it may, in Facebook area settings on the off chance that you would see, there will be a ton of information spared by this well known long range interpersonal communication site. Fortunately, these days individuals have turned out to be progressively cognizant and will, in general, take their security all the more genuinely.

View Your Location History on Facebook

There are a lot of clients who don’t become more acquainted with if their area administrations are dynamic or not. The most straightforward approach to know is if Facebook gives you a warning which depends on area information that implies the area following administrations are dynamic.

On the off chance that you have area history turned on your Facebook application, it would frequently continue following and sparing your area, notwithstanding when the application isn’t being utilized.

Why Facebook saves location history? All things considered, Facebook tracks your area and location them for a few reasons. It continues following you so you can without much of a stretch registration to specific spots, associate with different clients that are close-by, and find closest WiFi hotspots you can utilize and so forth.

Facebook likewise utilizes your area history to indicate you different locally pertinent substance, promotions, and enhance your general involvement.

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View Your Location History on Facebook

As getting your location data from smartphones have become very easy because all of them are enabled with built-in GPS capabilities. What Facebook requires is just your authorization to access your location data.

So if you wish to see what all has been saved in respect of your location history, you should first check that Facebook and your PC’s location services are turned on or not. The location history won’t be visible or saved on facebook if the GPS feature is disabled.

Follow these below steps in order to learn how to view your location history on Facebook:

Step (1): First of all, log into your Facebook account on a computer.

Step (2): Now click on the drop-down arrow right next to the Quick help icon and then click on the Settings option.

Step (3): On the Facebook Settings page, click on the Location option from the left side menu.

Step (4): Now on the Location Settings page, click on “View your location history” button.

Step (5): Next, enter your Facebook password and then click on the Continue button.

Step (6): Now you will be able to view your Facebook location history along with the map.

You can view previous days and locations history just by clicking on the left arrow sign. Thus, you can see how simple is to view your location history on Facebook.

You can also turn off the Facebook history if you think it hampers the memory and is not safe in respect of your privacy.

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How to Stop Facebook from Saving Your Location History

Everyone nowadays loves doing check-in’s and use friends nearby feature. People also don’t mind sharing some of their information while using these features. If you have the feature turned on, the history of your location will automatically save, but there are times when you don’t want everything to be saved as it consumes a lot of memory, battery power, and there are a lot of chances of the data or information being misused.

Users are at times concerned that how to disable Facebook location, is it possible to stop Facebook from saving your location history?

Yes, it is very much possible. Also what you can do is leave the location history on but only when you are using the app and you can turn off the part of saving history location on it. As this is the easiest way how data discoverers can use your information the most.

Follow these simple steps and learn how to stop Facebook from tracking your location history via the Facebook location settings:

Note: For the example, here we are explaining how to disable facebook location history on Android devices.

Step (1): At first, open the Facebook app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step (2): Next, tap on the Menu button and then scroll down and under the Settings & Privacy menu, tap on the Settings option.

Step (3): Again scroll down and under the Privacy section, tap on the Location option.

Step (4): Now on the Location Settings page, turn off the Location History option.

While disabling facebook location history, a pop-up will appear saying “Turning off Location History will also turn off Nearby Friends and Find WiFi.” So, simply tap on the OK option to continue. That’s it!

Once you turned off your facebook location history, now the Facebook will stop tracking your location and saving all the details.


According to us, fundamentally, there are two main reasons behind disabling location history on Facebook: first, it saves your battery and second is your privacy.

If you are someone who is serious about privacy and not comfortable with social media apps tracking your movements then these are the simplest ways to prevent Facebook from saving your location history and to view your location history on Facebook.

You should also make sure that you disable location services on your device. Turning off the location access will limit the application from tracking your location completely.

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