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How to share your location on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Keep your whereabouts known to family members by setting up the location-sharing feature on your iPhone. Now we share How to share your location on iPhone, iPad & Mac here.

How to share your location on iPhone

Sometimes it’s good to know that people you trust can see where you are. Whether you’re off to a new town, exploring the wilds on a ramble, or a young one coming home from school on their own, iOS has got you covered.

sing Family Sharing

The easiest way to share your location is by using the Family Sharing feature in iOS. This clever piece of software tracks your current whereabouts and displays it in real time to everyone in your family group.

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It also works in reverse, with other members able to share their locations with you too. As the feature employs Find My Friends and Messages, everyone will need to be using iPhones, and running iOS 10.2 or later.

Setting up Family Sharing

Before you can begin broadcasting your wanderings to relations, you’ll first need to set up the Family Sharing feature itself. This involves inviting other iOS-using family members via the built-in features on your device.

Sharing your location in iOS 11

With your clan in place you can now move on to sharing your location. To do this go to Settings, then tap on the section at the top of the page that has your name displayed.

On the next screen you’ll see an option entitled Family Sharing. Tap this then select the Location Sharing option.

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A splash page will appear with a brief explanation of the feature. Tap the Share Location button to begin. If iMessage is turned off then you’ll be prompted to enable it. Do so, then repeat the steps above.

Now you’ll see a page with an option at the top to Share My Location. Turn this on and you’ll immediately start relaying your current position to your family.

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How to share your location on iPhone

To see where you are, all they have to do is launch the Find Friends app and take a look.

Sharing your location in iOS 10.3 and 10.2

Most of the steps are identical to the ones listed above, except that when you first enter Settings you’ll either tap on your name and then select iCloud (iOS 10.3), or go directly to iCloud (10.2).

From there you’ll be able to follow the instructions in the iOS 11 section and reveal your temporary address to those in your household.

For more ideas on how to better use your iPhone read our iOS tips feature. You might be surprised at what that little handset can do.


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